Neural Projects at Academia Sinica and National Central University

Group meeting brief: July 17, 2014

CKC gave an overview of the objectives of our neural projects:

  • How to grow a neuronal network (circuit)
  • Nonlinear Properties of (small scale) networks
  • Relation between structures and functions of networks (dynamics)
  • Mechanism of Short term Memory (data read/write)
  • Coding and processing of information in retina (psycho-physical → physiological → biophysical)
  • Neuroprosthetic retina

* Please login to see his talk slides below.


Can you tell me some of your projects at the lab of Dr. CKC that involves both theory and experiment? Thank you so much.

Hi PLPM, we are using network models of spiking neurons, dynamical system analysis, and recently neural field models to analize the results from our experiments on MEA measurements of cultured cortical neurons as well as ex vivo retina. We are also starting to have imaging data on the neurite structures and calcium dynamics of our culture networks. These project all involve both theoretical and experimental efforts in different degrees.

I think so. Some students of CKC have projects related to recovering stochastic resonance in MEA measurements of retina.

Also do you have a webpage of the lab of Dr. CKC, i.e., the nonlinear dynamics laboratory? Thank you. 

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