2016 prePSROC annual meeting

Date: Thursday, January 21, 2016

Time: 10am to 12pm

Place: Auditorium 1F, IoP, AS

Session 1 Chair: 楊穎任
10:00~10:12 Guo-Jun Liao 廖國鈞 YL Chen Dynamics and Conformation of Electrically-Driven DNA Translocation through Biased Nanoelectrodes Embedded inside a Nanofluidic Channel O
10:12~10:24 Chi-Hang Ng 吳志恆 JC Tsai Minimal model of a linear granular chain bouncing against a vibrating plane O
10:24~10:32 Hsuan Yang 楊軒 KH Lin Three-Dimensional Cellular Traction Force Measurement and Simulation on a Flat Substrate P
10:32~10:40 Michael Ho 何浩源 CK Chan Dynamic of Recurrent Neural Network Driven by a Living Retina P
10:40~11:48 Wen-hung Chou 周文鴻 KH Lin Cell Micro-patterning and its Applications P
10:48~11:00 break
Session 2 Chair: 吳志恆
11:00~11:12 Felix Goetze CK Chan Inferring topologies and classifying interactions of spiking neural networks using sorted local transfer entropy O
11:12~11:24 Ying-Jen Yang 楊穎任 CC Chen Coherent and Anticipatory Dynamics in a Random Network with Dynamical Coupling O
11:24~11:32 Sriram Muthu Irulappan KH Lin Fibroblast Size Control Behavior On Three-Dimensional Gelatin Scaffolds Of Uniformly Ordered And Tunable Pores P
11:32~11:40 Hsiang-Ting Fei 費祥霆 JC Tsai Granular rheomtry: soft versus “hard” matters P
11:40~11:48 Yi-Fan Wu 吳一凡 YL Chen Hemorheologcal differences in cardiovascular surgery patients P

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