Softmatter & Biophysics Journal Club for Fall 2014

This is a journal club for the research group of Statistical and Biological Physics (aka Complex Systems) at Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica. Everyone interested in this field of research is welcome to participate and contribute. You can sign up as a speaker to talk about recent literature topics or showcase your own work. The talks are not expected to be formal or polished. Interaction and discussions with audience are encouraged through out the talk. You are also welcome to suggest any candidate speakers or interesting topics for a future talk.

Neural Projects at Academia Sinica and National Central University

Group meeting brief: July 17, 2014

CKC gave an overview of the objectives of our neural projects:

  • How to grow a neuronal network (circuit)
  • Nonlinear Properties of (small scale) networks
  • Relation between structures and functions of networks (dynamics)
  • Mechanism of Short term Memory (data read/write)
  • Coding and processing of information in retina (psycho-physical → physiological → biophysical)
  • Neuroprosthetic retina

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